Contoh Teks Pidato Bahasa Inggris

Lagi nyari file, eh malah nemu file yang dulu, pernah tak buat lomba tingkat kabupaten, yah meskipun kalah karena penyampaian kurang bagus (maklum dulu masih grogi di depan umum 🙂 …. ni dia ni, salah satu contoh teks pidato bahasa inggris dengan tema kesulitan pelajar indonesia dalam memahami dan mempelajari bahasa inggris…..

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Good morning ladies and gentleman. Alhamdulillah, thanks to god. Almighty only with his mercy blesses.

Distinguish guest, the honorable English teacher, and of all my beloved friends in this our beloved class. It is grateful for me to be among you today.

Now this is my turn to give my opinion. I would like to talk about the problem that faced by Indonesian students in learning English.

Ladies and gentleman

Today English has an important role as a means of communications used by a lot of people all over the world. They use the language to get along with many people across the nation borders. And these are the main reasons why English becomes second language in Indonesia.

Ladies and Gentlemen

English has been taught since at first level at junior high school. But although English has been taught many years, there are a few students that mastery and use English as a communication device, when using English version students are usually hindered by some factors such as:

1.      English teaching and learning activities is full of theory, in this case caused by teachers have to teach based on the curriculum, and they don’t teach English as a communication device.

2.      Most of the students are afraid when they speak English, They are afraid to make a mistake when they are speaking English. And these are common errors made by students, such as:

Ø Grammatical mistakes,

Grammatical mistakes are mistakes taking place in English sentences which are influenced by Indonesian structure. In other words, speaking English using Indonesian structure.

Ø Wrong choice of words.

Students frequently use improper or even wrong words in using. Because there are many words which have the same pronunciation but different in meaning. Also there are several words in English having more than one meaning Indonesia.

Ø Misspelled words.

Most of students who are studying English might agree that most English words are spelled “Strangely”. They find the spelling difficult to remember. To spell well, however is something that can not be ignored? Because there are many English which are difficult to remembered, students sometimes write the words as long as they think? It can make students spelling incorrectly.

3.      Lack of practicing in the class regularly, usually it caused by habitual action, as you know, the teachers also speak Indonesian, not English when they are explaining something in the class. On one hand, we are difficult to fond native speakers, English magazine, or other thing to support our language skill. (It occurred for students in suburb). But in Limpung city has been more thing to support our language skill.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Now it comes to conclude that language is one of the means of communications used by human being. All people interact socially with others using the language. So, if someone wants to learn a foreign language, he will obviously meet with all kinds of learning problem.

On this occasion, when a student wants to learn a foreign language, he will have to learn to speak it. He has to try to speak it in the way the native speakers speak the language. This can be achieved by closely imitating and mimicking them untiringly until his pronunciation satisfactory and acceptable to them. The goal of learning the foreign language is to mastery it in such a way that the students can produce and speak it with case and facility.

Thank you for the time all, for your attentions, that’s all.

Wasslalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

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